okt 22 - 24 2021



Graderingsforberedende treningshelg

Grading pensum training i Stavanger, including a test grading, in preparation for the grading in Bergen with Bjørn Eirik Olsen Shihan (in late november).
Primarily for the clubs in Haugesund, Stavanger & Kristiansand, but everyone is welcome.
Intructors: Jacqueline von Arb Fukushidoin (3. dan) and Bob Johnson, senior instructor (3. dan)
Proposed schedule (TBC):
*friday* 22.10.
*saturday* 23.10.
10-12 & 17-19
lunch & dinner: something social
*sunday* 24.10.
10-12.00 & 13-15 (common lunch)
Price: 300,-
The main focus will be on upper kyu to 2nd dan curriculum, but we will cater to all levels.
There will be a possibility to practice weapons for those going for dan grades.
Free accomodation in the dojo & meals in common.