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Hadeland folk highschool

In Norway, we are fortunate enough to have Hadeland folk high school (Hadeland folkehøgskole), that teaches aikido, swords and Eastern philosophy. The school offers an extraordinary academic year – with a focus on self-development and holistic approach to various aspects of human life. Here you will learn to become a «peaceful warrior» through focused guidance from teacher Dimitris Farmakidis, Shidoin in the Norwegian Aikido Federation’s technical committee.

Many active practitioners today started their aikido journey at Hadeland folk high school, where they gained a solid foundation to develop as practitioners. At Hadeland you will get insight into samurai sword traditions, Eastern philosophy, Japanese culture, mindfulness and self-defense. And last, but not least, you will get a memorable study trip to Japan, and experiences and friends for life.

Visit them here, or go to their Facebook-page. They also have an Instagram!