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For beginners

Anyone can practice aikido – you will find men and women of all ages in most dojos. It is common for everyone to practice together regardless of level, but there are also dedicated classes for beginners. In these classes you will get to know principles and learn basic techniques at your own pace. You do not have to be in particularly good shape to start with aikido – the training is very versatile and will allow you to gradually develop strength, agility, and endurance.

We often train with several partners during a class, and it is important to adapt the training to your partner so that everyone gets the most out of it. This means you should be patient and considerate when training with someone who is weaker or more inexperienced, but also should try your best to keep up when training with a more experienced practitioner. Training at a higher level demands more of your physical fitness, especially with advanced falling techniques, but with regular and dedicated training it is within reach for most. It is possible to find challenges and develop yourself at all levels in aikido, and there is always more to learn.