Tradition and etiquette

Aikido is together with, among other things, judo and karate, one of the classic Japanese styles called budo. Budo is easily translated the way of war, and refers to a method of self-development based on traditional Japanese martial arts.


Many people think they are too old to start something new, that you have to be young when you start to be good, or that you become the oldest in training if you start as an adult. This is not true, and especially not in aikido.

For beginners

Anyone can practice aikido - No special physical conditions are required to practice aikido, and you will find women and men of all ages in most clubs. In aikido, it is common for adults to train together regardless of level,

Hadeland folk highschool

In Norway, we are also fortunate to have our own line at Hadeland Folkehøgskole that teaches aikido, swords and Eastern philosophy. Hadeland Folkehøgskole is a different academic year - with a focus on self-development and

Aikido for youth

Are you curious about sword training, Japanese culture or how to learn the airy throws aikido is known for? At aikido you can learn a little about all this, and at the same time get versatile training for body and mind in a social environment.