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Aikido for youth

Are you curious about swordmanship, Japanese culture or how to do the high falls aikido is known for? In an aikido dojo, you can learn about all this, and at the same time get versatile exercise for mind and body in a social environment. Aikido takes time to master, and will challenge you physically and mentally – but you do not need to have done a lot of fitness or sports before, as long as you have motivation and willingness to learn.

Young people today face many challenges and demands, and live in a world with many impressions. Through aikido, you can get away from the screen, meet friendly faces, find peace, and focus in an environment without competition. At the same time, you will develop the self-confidence and stamina you need to meet everyday challenges with both courage and integrity.

In most dojos, teenagers from around the age of 14 can participate in ordinary adult training as well as in all seminars in Norway. In addition, separate trainings are organised for youth at our regular summer camps. Aikido Youth Norway (AUN) also arranges separate youth camps for teenagers and young adults. Here, young people are responsible for both organisation and instruction, supported by mentor Jacqueline von Arb, Fukushidoin in the Norwegian Aikido Federation’s technical committee. The goal is to teach young people responsibility and gain experience in organising events, travel and applying for funding. This is in addition to the social aspect of working together and planning fun events where you meet again.

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