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Noen tanker fra NAFs sommerleir 2016

Skrevet av Erlend Hove Lillebø for 4 years, 6 months siden

Leif A. Larsen fra Haugesund Aikido Klubb har gjort seg noen tanker under NAFs sommerleir 2016. Her er diktene til glede både for oss som fikk med oss underholdningen under leiren og alle andre.

Most times in life we try to hit
What we are aiming for
But once in a while I wish I could
Miss that bloody floor
That the mats all try to kill me
Is only fair and right
Seeing as I repeatedly
Hit them with all my might
I never thought I’d say these words
To a big and sweaty guy
But you really rocked my world
You really made me fly
Maae is difficult
The right distance is hard to tell
But if Olsen sensei comes close
I’ll for certain run like hell
Maae is difficult
The right distance is hard to judge
But if a pretty girl comes close
I’ll do my best not to budge
How close is to close
How much pressure is right
Should you be open to all
Or put up a fight?
When pushed and pulled
Just keep a clear head
It works in the dojo
And also in bed
Leif A. Larsen
Haugesund Aikido Klubb