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Iaido and Aikido in Viking-land

Skrevet av Jacqueline von Arb for 4 years, 11 months siden

Petros Moulagiannis, 4th Dan in Aikido and in Iaido, came to Hadeland Folkehøgskole to visit his friend Dimitris Farmakidis. The opportunity to experience Viking-land through the art of Iaido and Aikido was exciting. He had heard Norway is the land of fjords, northern lights, wild vikings and the world's happiest people. But what he met at Hadeland Folkehøgskole, however, he was not prepared for at all... Read the tale of his visit!

Upload pdf with "When Iaido-meets-Viking" 

other stuff: Interview with Petros by students at the school (from the Hadeland FHS website)

More picture from the seminar (from Aikido Tokaido Dojo's Facebook Album)

More pictures on Hadeland's Facebook Page