About Aikido guide

The Aikido app has worked well and served its time. With changes at Apple and App Store it got difficult to keep the app up to date and working on every unit. We therefor decided to transfer the app over to the new website to our aikido federation. We have tried to keep the web application as smooth as the app, and we hope this web application still can be helpful for you aikidokas out there.

The Aikido Guide is a powerful tool that fully utilizes app technology to give a unique learning experience. It is built up in an eclectic way, inspired by different teachers and schools. The Guide introduces a system that aims at extracting common patterns of movement from a multitude of techniques. Access to different levels of information will provide challenges and inspiration to beginners as well as teachers.

Aikido is a living art that will be perceived and expressed slightly different by all those who explore it whether as a recreational activity or as a way of life. The best way to learn Aikido is to find a Dojo that is run by or linked to a recognized teacher and organization, and to put your heart fully into the training. The Aikido Guide is meant to be a supplement to such training. 

The Aikido Guide does not claim any authority over other interpretations or learning tools. It is a well considered tool that aims at being a guide and reference to Aikido techniques and Taisabaki for Aikido practitioners.